my grandfather turned 90!

On February 2, 2016 my grandfather turned 90. My aunt and I organized a birthday celebration and nearly the entire family was able to gather together for lunch and an afternoon of fellowship.

After a casual lunch of Chicken Fingers, Ham and Cheese Sliders, Baked Beans, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Cole Slaw, Chips and of course Cake, we all gathered for some "pick'in and grin'in" and awful singing!

From his first born...

To one of his youngest great, great, grandkids...

And everyone in between...

Chad and Julie won the prize for traveling the furthest, coming from California.

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Faison! I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every moment. 


brussel sprouts?

We rang in the new year at The Gorilla again this year. We had friends from Florida join us. On the menu for New Year's day was pork, yellow eye peas, cooked cabbage and my new favorite brussel sprouts. One of my guests was very unsure about the brussel spouts and that's why I also fixed the cabbage.

But how can you go wrong with crispy bacon, onions, brussels and a drizzle of a balsamic vinegar reduction?

My guest had three helpings. 


trying new things

Elk. David went hunting and we have a lot of elk meat. It was processed and shipped from Colorado frozen. Ground elk, elk loin, elk roast, we have some of it all. I've never prepared or eaten elk.

For dinner tonight we had elk meat spaghetti sauce over zucchini noodles. How's that for healthy?

We have used zucchini "twirls" for pasta a couple of times prior to tonight with store bought sauces. Once combined with regular ground beef and the other as a simple marinara sauce.  Both were "ok," they were missing something. We went back to homemade sauce, did some tweaking of the zucchini prep and tonight's attempt was much better.

I was prepared not to like it, but I actually did. I can see the ground elk making delicious chili, more spaghetti sauce or vegetable "beef" soup.

Tonight's dinner was definitely a keeper.


a hero of mine

I have a few heroes. Of course my first ever hero is my dad. But the other heroes in my life are family members that chose to serve their country. Today, Veteran's Day, I think of them and thank them.

I had lunch with my Grandfather today. He was a POW in WWII. I've only ever heard a snippit of what he endured. I understand it must be hard to relive. He recounted today crossing the Rhyne, on the last standing bridge, into Germany.

But I hope that we can get a recorded account in his words of what happened to him. What an imporant part of history this is and needs to be documented.

So, to my maternal Grandfather, my paternal Grandfather, two Uncles, five Cousins, a Grandfather-in-law, Father-in-law, Brothers of said in-laws, and countless numbers of friends who are also heros, I give them all serious gratitude for their service.

On a side note, props to restaurants that recognize our veterans...



want a refill?

It's called the "container rule." If I share with you food of any kind from my house in a container and you bring back a cleaned container at a later date, you're guaranteed (almost 100%) you'll get a refill sometime.

I enjoy giving away my food like chicken salad, tortilla soup, etc. to friends as well as family. Sometimes I remember to tell friends the container rule, sometimes I forget. Those that I forget to tell, get a free pass. If I forget to tell you after the second or third time I give you a container, I'm just too embarrassed to say anything and will continue to give you a new container each time.

Last week UPS rings my doorbell and leaves a package. Not an uncommon event at my house since Amazon Prime and my husband became good friends. Knowing I wasn't expecting a delivery, I was surprised to see my name on the box. And even more surprised to see it's contents with a note.

Whoa! This is repayment with mega interest! Or, is it a clever play to be guaranteed a chicken salad refill on a more consistent basis? Which ever it is, I got a big chuckle out of the delivery. And Kristin will be getting a refill of chicken salad very soon.