My name is Wendy...wife, homemaker, sister, aunt, daughter and friend.

I've been married to the love of my life of 29 years. Family & friends are very important to me.

I love to cook, entertain, travel, paper crafting and going to the theatre, "dah-ling."

"Party in a Box" is a fun journal that all started as a joke. Anytime I was asked to bring food to an event, I brought it in a box.  My sister would announce, "Hey! It's party in a box!" It stuck. I believe, "Hey welcome to CiCi's" followed. It didn't stick.

This journal isn't intended to change the world.  I don't take great pictures but hope to improve. There will probably be mispellings and for sure there will be poor grammar.  It is what it is.

I care deeply, love deeply and believe deeply. I sincerely hope you have fun reading the silly things I post!