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david's family leaves, wendy's family descends

Let me back up to Thursday of last week... The KY Pitts and the Sumter Pitts went to dinner in Calabash and ate at Beck's as predicted.  David and I went to a new small pub called Fibber McGee's.  Lynn decided to stay back and enjoy the solitude of the house for a short while.

Friday, David left shortly before lunch to head back to Charlotte.  On the way he stopped at the hunt club (Buchannan Shoals) to pick up his "man-buggy."  On Saturday he's going to the river and wants to move the vehicle there.  Saturday night it's Bill Gardner's Surprise 50th Birthday Party.  Debbie's been planning this for a long time.  I hate that I missed the event but the drive from the beach and back again would have been too much.  Plus, I know I would have ended up wanting to stay at the river.

Dinner on Friday night was more less "fend-for-yourself" again.  By 8:45 am Saturday morning, all but my nephew Adam and myself had headed back to their respectful homes & states.  Amy, Jeff & the boys arrived around 1:30p, we had hot dogs for lunch & then hit the beach.  For dinner we kept it simple and had Tacos, refried beans and chips & salsa.  My mom & dad arrived around 8:45p.

Sunday was spent mostly on the beach.  Jeff and I did make a grocery run that morning and on the menu for dinner was Grilled Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob & cucumbers in Italian dressing. Here's a pictures of my dad's plating skills... not too bad! 

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