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happy birthday to me!

Today was my 45th birthday and it was a great day!

For starters I slept in until 8:30! After making coffee, feeding the dogs and brushing my teeth I got my very first birthday phone call from the love of my life, David.  He's in Fayetteville this weekend shooting in the NC State Skeet Championships.

Next came a phone call from my grandparents, an email from my aunt, an instant message from my father and a text from my brother-in-law!  Is technology cool or what?  As the day progressed the emails, text messages & phone calls continued.  The cards I have received span from being beautiful to very humorous. 

The most special phone call I received today was from my cousin, Ronny.  Ronny and I grew up together and we were like brother and sister up until about high school.  After that we slowly drifted apart and by the time we were adults we were only in contact with each other at the occasional family gathering.  Ronny joined the military, got married, moved to Europe, came home, etc, etc, etc and we simply grew further apart. Hearing his voice and getting to talk to him for a little bit today was one of the best presents I could have gotten!

Today I also went to my nephew's soccer game and his team won!  It's always fun to watch these kids.  But it's super fun to watch the itty bitty kids on the other fields and remember when Drew first started. 

After the game I picked up the groceries for my birthday dinner -- spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic toast!  I've been craving this for some time and since we've not had Family Night dinner in forever, I decided it would be perfect!  I got it cooking in the crockpot and headed for the scrapbook store to hang out for a while. 

I got home in time to vacuum the floors before Mom and Dad showed up with a cake and the traditional "birthday poem" birthday card.  Every birthday we look forward to getting a card from my dad because he writes poems in them!  It's really fun.  Amy, Jeff and the boys showed shortly afterward and we had a great evening visiting, eating, laughing, playing pool, etc.  Everyone is gone now and I'm seriously considering a long hot bubble bath to finish off the night!

I am very thankful to the Lord for all He has blessed me with... some of the most important blessings are that I have a wonderful husband, family and friendships that I love very much.  Thank you all for being in my life!

Thanks for reading!  Calgon take me away....

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Glad you had a terrific birthday.

September 20, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDixie

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