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time to go home

I came up to Villa Gorilla on August 28 and it's now September 7.  If I stay away from home much longer, my family will think that I have moved here permanently and abandoned them!  So it's time to pack up the pups and head back to North Carolina...tomorrow.

This means I'll have to do all the "un-fun" stuff like the laundry, taking out all the trash, making sure the refrigerator is cleaned out, vacuum, etc.  That's too much like work!  But it will have to be done. I've started some of the easy work this morning -- puzzle demolition.  It never bothers me to destroy a puzzle after I've finished it. Especially when it's missing a piece anyway!

David returned to Harrisburg Friday afternoon so he could dove hunt on Saturday with a friend. He made sure to get home early enough to pick up our new mirrors at Art Aspects in Charlotte.  They are gorgeous and make the bathroom look so much bigger.  When a Wal-mart frame (or mirror) won't do the trick, Art Aspects can!

My sister-in-law made her way to the Gorilla on Friday afternoon.  It was her first time here and she was very complimentary.  She's got some wonderful decorating ideas.  Perhaps that can be a winter project...more decorating.  Maybe accidentally get snowed in... (oops, did I type that out loud?)

Yesterday, I did start working on my to-do list for my mother-in-law's Bridge Retreat that I'm hosting at the Gorilla in October.  She and three of her bridge playing girlfriends are going to come up and play bridge till they wear the numbers off the cards.  I will provide the meals and snacks, etc.  This is only the menu part of the list.  There will be several more pages to come.

And speaking of menus, there still isn't a lot to report on what's coming from my kitchen. Thursday night we had leftover chicken as I predicted.  Friday night the sis-in-law and I had leftover beef tips and Saturday we had pork chops and squash casserole.  Last night a neighbor invited David and me to a cookout and tonight will probably just have a bowl of tomato soup!  Not a whole lot of party coming out of this box! 

But thank you for reading and I'll keep you posted on when I start cookin'...

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