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lots of planning going on...

Since my last post I've been incredibly busy.  I helped organize an event for my local scrapbook store that spanned over two days.  Along with a couple of other friends, we planned and prepared the food. On the list of things for me to fix was more of the Tangy Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Spicy Sausage Dip, Chicken Salad and seasoned taco meat for the Taco Bar supper.  Everyone had a blast and boy, did we eat good!

Ok, one event down, one big event to come next week. This is going to be one that will require a lot of planning.

For the fourth year in a row, I've accepted the challenge of providing the managers of my husband's company food during their "Strategic Planning Meeting."  For this annual meeting the company flies in an industry facilitator who helps them see where things are headed and what the company should do, etc., etc.

When my husband asked if I'd be interested in cooking the meals so they wouldn't have to worry with food and could relax and socialize after meeting for long stretches I thought, "this could be a really fun challenge!" So I accepted.  And it's been fun.  And it's been a challenge. And I've been scared every year that I'll disappoint someone or cook something someone won't like.

My "to-do" is being revised from last year's and isn't completed but it's evolving and growing long! I hope to be able to share some pictures from next week, but until then, I'd like to share a card I made for OWH. (blogs are boring without pictures!)

Thanks for taking a moment to play along.  I'll keep you posted on what's cookin'...

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