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my sister rocks!

4th of July and we're at the Gorilla... David, me, Amy, Drew, Gabe and my mom.  Uncle David has taken the oldest nephew, Drew, on his very first float trip fishing.  Drew was too excited.  I hope to have pictures of that in a later post. Drew personally caught 16 fish, the total for them both was 43. 

Uncle David has shown Gabe how to fish as well and Gabe loves it, he's just too young for a float trip.  So while big brother Drew is off doing something fun, Gabe wants to fish too and what does a good mom do?  She says, "Ok, I'll go down to the river with you to fish...but we won't go too far in!"

Here's how the afternoon went:

"Not too far, Gabe! Can't you just cast there?"

"I need to go over there 'cause it's where I caught one yesterday!"

"Oh great, he's actually caught one."

"YAY Gabe!  Great job kiddo!"

(Ok, now I got to get it off the hook. And look like I'm cool in the process.)

(I think I'm suppose to take hold of it like this...)

"You had better be getting pictures of this!"

This picture is to prove she actually touched the fish.


"YES!!  I DID IT!  I'm the mom! I'm the mom!"

So then she decided she'd try it for herself.  She didn't catch anything but it's just one more thing she can add to her list as an awesome mom.

I hope everyone had as happy a Fourth as I had...

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks, Sissy for taking the pics! Now I have proof that I actually did it!

July 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Patterson

The captions are great!! I think it is time you make a mini scrapbook for Amy with these pics. It's time to dust off that Bind-It-All!

July 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTBird

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