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sunrise, monday vs. sunrise, thursday

This was what I almost missed seeing Monday morning.  I was trying to keep the room dark for David to sleep a little longer before a "grueling day" of meetings. 

Turns out my shuffling in the dark for a power cord woke him and he said, "you can open the drapes a little for light."  After getting a peek at what was outside, I had to fling them wide open and get a picture.

You can't imagine how breathtaking it was in real life. This picture was taken from our balcony in Palm Desert, California.

We left Palm Desert Wednesday afternoon and drove to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was about a 4.5 hour drive through the desert. Not too exciting, but was still pretty in it's own way. (keep in mind this photo was taken from a car moving about 75 mph!)

Cut to Thursday morning and this is the view from our bed...

Quite the contrast, don't you agree? However, even in this photo I can find beauty. Take for instance the actual bed -- it's extremely comfortable and that's considered beauty in my eyes!

It's been a very busy trip out West, but we're having fun.  I am definitely looking forward to returning home and getting back to a normal routine. 

It's trips like this, during such sadness and tragedy happening in the world that makes me well aware of how blessed I am.  I'm extremely thankful for all God's has given me...strong family, friends, health, love and so much more. 

Please keep the world in your prayers, especially those affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.

Thank you for taking time to read this silly blog!  Now, go take note of all that's beautiful around you!

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