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As I sit on my porch at Villa Gorilla planning a menu for guest arriving next week, I started reflecting on all that's happened in the last year or so. There's been big trips, small trips, surprise trips, family trips, a whole house remodel which included redecorating. There's been no blogging, little picture taking, and no parties from my box!

Or am I looking at it the wrong way? There's no mistaking about the blogging. Ok, I'm done thinking about it. Maybe I'll get better, maybe I won't. But my "party in a box" isn't just about taking food to people's houses or events. I have 2 "boxes" where I host small to large parties all the time! One is in North Carolina and one is in Virginia.

Let me start with the original "box" -- it's in Harrisburg NC and last year received an extensive makeover. So extensive, we moved completely out of the house. I moved to Virginia while the husband moved into an apartment. It was 4 and a half months of torture, but it paid off! 



The inaugural party in this box was Thanksgiving 2013 and not a single picture was taken. There is still a "remodeled open house" rolling around in my head. I just need to make it happen.

Most of the parties have been happening in and around my box in Virginia.

Party for one -- My neice, Sara, enjoying the hammock

Party for two -- My Grandfather and his new bride

A party for the "A Dub Bug" -- before going to the neighbors for fireworks

Party for two -- My cousin, Ron, and his lovely fiancee, Ramona 

 A Birthday Party for one...

... A massage for four!

And today, it's an Anniversary Party! Happy 29th Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

I hope whatever you do tomorrow and days after, you'll have fun and consider it a party! 



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You've resurrected the Party in a Box! Party on, Wendy! I'm glad you're blogging again, and this post was perfect for your first in a long time. Let's take more pictures. I'm guilty of failing to document the ordinary. Happy anniversary and blog again soon!
August 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDixie

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