want a refill?
Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 11:56PM

It's called the "container rule." If I share with you food of any kind from my house in a container and you bring back a cleaned container at a later date, you're guaranteed (almost 100%) you'll get a refill sometime.

I enjoy giving away my food like chicken salad, tortilla soup, etc. to friends as well as family. Sometimes I remember to tell friends the container rule, sometimes I forget. Those that I forget to tell, get a free pass. If I forget to tell you after the second or third time I give you a container, I'm just too embarrassed to say anything and will continue to give you a new container each time.

Last week UPS rings my doorbell and leaves a package. Not an uncommon event at my house since Amazon Prime and my husband became good friends. Knowing I wasn't expecting a delivery, I was surprised to see my name on the box. And even more surprised to see it's contents with a note.

Whoa! This is repayment with mega interest! Or, is it a clever play to be guaranteed a chicken salad refill on a more consistent basis? Which ever it is, I got a big chuckle out of the delivery. And Kristin will be getting a refill of chicken salad very soon.

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