take me to the river....

I finally got on the road with the dogs around 4:45.  Note to self: never leave that late or you will get stuck in 5:00 traffic and inevitably a wreck or two. It took us an hour longer than it should have!

Amy and the kids were able to leave a little earlier than me so they missed all the traffic.  Amy was very thoughtful and made a grocery run for some supplies.  She also decided to treat me to dinner!  It was a gourmet meal that she cooked all on her own.  I was very impressed with the protein choice, too! She calls this creation, "Cheesy Mac Dog!"  When you try to recreate this at your house, please use only the best quality meat -- Oscar Meyer Ballpark Franks!  And please splurge and buy the Kraft brand of Mac & Cheese (any variety can be substituted).


not enough cooking lately!

Since this time last week, I have only cooked 3 meals!  But hopefully that's all about to change... Later today I'm headed back to the river with the dogs. Amy, the boys and my mom will be joining me for the next few days.  I am planning a lot of cooking on my brand new mega stove! I can't wait!

I'll keep you posted (with pictures & recipes) on what's cookin'...



Friday I spent the day running -- dogs to the groomers, cat to the vet, errands, etc.  Then Friday night was a much needed crop at the scrapbook store with my favorite peeps!  We had a lot of fun & lots of laughs.

Saturday I woke up early, loaded the dogs in the car and headed for the Gorilla.  We plan on taking them up there for the 4th of July weekend and since they've NEVER seen another home other than our Harrisburg house AND they've never been on a car ride longer than 15 minutes, I figured we should make a trial run.

They did great on the car ride up!  I was thrilled.  Then we arrived at the house... the security company was there installing the alarm system and in the process was creating ear-piercing beeps.  For those that don't know, one of my dogs is horrified of "beeps."  She completely freaked out and tried to crawl under the laundry sink, nearly taking it out all together.  It's a sad sink to begin with and mixing it with Zoe was almost disasterous.

Both dogs calmed down after the alarm guys left and after David returned home with 2 crates for them.  They are crate-trained and felt safe in them. David went to dinner at a friends house while I stayed behind so the dogs wouldn't feel abandoned.

Sunday morning I left bright and early with the dogs and return to Harrisburg with just enough time to grab a shower and a snack before heading to the theater with my sis-in-law.  On the marquee, "Phantom of the Opera."  Now, let me preface this by saying I LOVE the theater. It amazes me how a live show is pulled off. But I have never had the desire to see the stage performance of "Phantom."  I was only going because the sis-in-law wanted to.

Let me just say that I won't need to see that a second time! There was way too much "opera" going on. I will say, however, that the staging and costumes were stunning.  To see (or not see) the set changes was really amazing.

After the theater we had dinner at McCormick & Schmicks.  It was tasty, but not my favorite. They specialize more in seafood & that's totally not my thing!

Guess that's all for now.  I'll keep you posted on what's cookin'...


back to the real world

It's been a long time since I last posted.  Here's a quick synopsis...

We had a great rest of the week at the beach.  There was lots of laughter, to the point of crying at times, lots of good eating, lots of fun in the sun & water, etc.  No blood or toe nails were lost this year (YAY!)!

But like the saying goes, all good things must come to a screeching halt when vacation is over. The last day of vacation is the worst.  Packing up all your stuff, loading the car and then the painfully long ride home.  However, when I got home I was immediately over the whole vacation thing when my hubby and my dogs greeted me at the door.

My nephew, Adam, returned home with me like he's done in years past.  I always enjoy having him stay the 2nd week at the beach and so does my family.  He contributed a lot to the excessive laughing!

He went home Tuesday evening.  This meant I had to get seriously back into gear with my errands and house cleaning on Wednesday. YUCK!  But after not being home for 2 weeks, the house is in desperate need of cleaning!  We have house guests coming July 2 -- don't want them to think we're slobs!

Long time friend, George, and his wife, Carol, are coming into town for a short visit.  On Friday, David will be taking them to the river.  I plan on going ahead of them on the 1st with the dogs.  David has arranged for us to take a guided float / fishing trip down the river on July 4th.  Not really sure about this...I don't fish.

Well, so much for a "quick" synopsis!  I'm out of here for now, but I'll keep you posted on what's cookin'...


rain, rain, go away

Tuesday was just a dreary day all around.  After the Patterson's, Adam & Papa made the traditional trip to Krispy Kreme, we decided that since the day looked rather bleak, we would head to Broadway at the Beach for a tour of Ripley's Aquarium.  It was lunch time by the time we got there so we stopped at the Hard Rock first.  When we finally got to the Aquarium it became apparent that every other human at the beach had the same idea as us!  We passed on the Aquarium.

Everyone but me decided to play a round or two of putt-putt -- I enjoyed the quiet house for a short while before the rain hit and everyone returned home.

On the menu for dinner was Barbeque Chicken, Pineapple Au Gratin and peas. Very tasty.

After dinner we watch "Wild Hogs" starring John Travolta & William H. Macy.  Way too funny.

Next post will most likely just be a synopsis of the next few days.  Don't want bore everyone to tears!

I'll keep you posted on what's cookin'...