long time, no post!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post!  Not too much exciting to report on so hopefully I can be brief. 

After Amy, the kids and my parents left the Gorilla on July 7, I stayed behind to handle some general maintenance / service contracts on the house.  I also enjoyed the quiet and got a lot of crafting done before I headed home on the 20th. David would come up on the weekends and we had friends visit too.  Wow, 20 days at the river!  This may need to become a tradition.

The first week of August I worked at my friend's scrapbook store so she and her family could enjoy a "before school vacation."  I had a lot of fun sitting around making cards each day.



Currently I'm back at the Gorilla with the Pattersons to have a "before school starts / end of summer" excursion. There's been fishing, rock throwing, card playing, checkers, napping, a meteor shower and even a very, very short float trip with our new inner tubes.  Gabe was a little apprehensive at first but by the time it was all over, he was hooked.  Both boys, "When can we do it again?" The plan is to try and squeeze one more float in before returning to the real world tomorrow.

Thanks for returning and thanks for reading! 


playing is hard work

Today we played for a long time in the river.  The boys fished, explored the river, drove the man buggy all over the yard and threw rocks. Lots of rocks. Amy and I pretended to fish.  Can't say we actually fished because, according to David, we were doing it all wrong.  Must have been something to this as neither of us got more than a nibble.  Then, when virtually at the same time we got our lures stuck, we decided to call it an afternoon.

Because there was a chance for us returning to the the river after a break, Amy made the boys have their snack on the porch since their swim suits were wet.  Next thing I see from inside is this...


More fun will be had tomorrow, I'm sure.  But for today, we were about "river'd" out.

And maybe tomorrow I will be able to post proof that I did indeed fish!


my sister rocks!

4th of July and we're at the Gorilla... David, me, Amy, Drew, Gabe and my mom.  Uncle David has taken the oldest nephew, Drew, on his very first float trip fishing.  Drew was too excited.  I hope to have pictures of that in a later post. Drew personally caught 16 fish, the total for them both was 43. 

Uncle David has shown Gabe how to fish as well and Gabe loves it, he's just too young for a float trip.  So while big brother Drew is off doing something fun, Gabe wants to fish too and what does a good mom do?  She says, "Ok, I'll go down to the river with you to fish...but we won't go too far in!"

Here's how the afternoon went:

"Not too far, Gabe! Can't you just cast there?"

"I need to go over there 'cause it's where I caught one yesterday!"

"Oh great, he's actually caught one."

"YAY Gabe!  Great job kiddo!"

(Ok, now I got to get it off the hook. And look like I'm cool in the process.)

(I think I'm suppose to take hold of it like this...)

"You had better be getting pictures of this!"

This picture is to prove she actually touched the fish.


"YES!!  I DID IT!  I'm the mom! I'm the mom!"

So then she decided she'd try it for herself.  She didn't catch anything but it's just one more thing she can add to her list as an awesome mom.

I hope everyone had as happy a Fourth as I had...


you know it's a vacation when...

you've finally settled into the beach house, been to the beach, started a good book and have begun to completely "chill."

Every June, for the last 24 years, David and I have gone on a family beach vacation with his family.  For the most part we've rented the same house for the same week.  Sure there's been a few years where we switched things up a bit, but we've ultimately found a house that suits us and we keep coming back.

Here's a very typical look at the Pitts' week at the beach --

We read, nap, some of us go to the beach and definitely we eat well.

The first 2 nights, David's mom usually cooks.  Then David's sister prepares something yummy.  Tonight she's fixing Spaghetti.  Tomorrow I will be fixing Country Style Steak over rice and perhaps butter beans.  I will also cook again on Wednesday as David's brother & wife didn't come to the beach this year so we're short a rotation of cooking detail.  The wedding of our niece Sara last weekend must have been all the excitement they could stand for one year!  Our nephew Adam, however, decided he was still up for a beach trip so we brought him home with us.  I've not decided what's on the menu yet for Wednesday, but I guarantee it will be something relatively simple!  (I'm on vacation!)

Next week brings my family and a very, very different vacation dynamic!  The energy level will increase an amazing amount!  But it will be just as wonderful as this week... just different.  I'm so very happy that Adam will get to stay for a few extra days to spend time with my family!  I just wish he could stay all next week.

Thanks for reading.  I'll keep you posted on what's cooking for the rest of this week and next! 


excuse me, it's just not possible

It's not possible that it will be June in 2 days!  What happened to May?  I've been pretty busy since I last updated this blog 20 days ago.  Here's a look back:

The CG Strategic Planning session went well.  I cooked, they met, we ate, then slept! The first meal of the "event" was dinner Wednesday evening. The planning session ended at lunch on Friday but we had a guest Friday evening and then a different guest Saturday through Tuesday morning.  If you're interested in what was on the menu those days, click here.  If you see anything you'd like the recipe for, let me know. And if you ever hear me express interest in operating a quaint inn, call a doctor as I will have lost my mind!

When I returned home I started planning my sister, Amy's, birthday for the following Saturday.  She wanted to keep it extremely low key and I really appreciated this!  A friend of ours took her to a movie and I tagged along.  Afterward, I prepared her birthday dinner which was Mexican.  Zesty burritos, black beans, refried beans, yellow rice, chips and salsa.  Only thing missing was margaritas! Part of my birthday gift to her was to send her to a creative event called "Inspired."  In this picture Amy (in the apron) stands with 3 very talented instructors at the event.  To read more, check out Amy's blog, My Corner Studio.

The week that followed consisted of going to see "Wicked" with my sister-in-law, a routine dentist visit, a hair appointment, a couple of trips to the vet with a sick dog and general errands in preparation for the next big event... "The Wedding"

We left Friday for Bowling Green, KY to attend the wedding of my one and only niece, Sara. Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner.  During dessert David showed the video that he spent hours creating.  It was a big hit.  There were tears, but there was also a lot of laughter.  He did an awesome job putting it together. The wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Congratulations Paul & Sara!

My nephew, Adam (Sara's brother), is celebrating his 16th birthday tomorrow! Once all the partying is done, Adam will return home with us for a few days before we head to the beach!

I will confess, I am looking forward to parking myself in a beach chair for hours on end with a good book!

I'm going to try and be more diligent about keeping this blog current!  Thanks for reading!