(almost) ready...set...cook...

I think I've come up with a menu plan for the upcoming Strategic Planning Session for my husband's company.  Granted, there are always glitches and I need to be prepared to alter the plan at any meal, but at least I have come up with a general starting point.

I went grocery shopping today and between 3 different places I think I've got all I need.   Ha, HA! Who am I kidding?  I'll be at the grocery at least once if not 3 more times! What I am wondering right now is why we didn't installed a dumb waiter...

Must confess that I'm very worried I didn't buy enough food.  Looked like there was more when it was all still in the shopping bags!

Tomorrow's plan is to do so prep work.  Perhaps make a soup and barbeque.  You know, foods that can be made ahead & not seem like leftovers! 

Thanks for reading.  I'll keep you posted on what's cooking...


lots of planning going on...

Since my last post I've been incredibly busy.  I helped organize an event for my local scrapbook store that spanned over two days.  Along with a couple of other friends, we planned and prepared the food. On the list of things for me to fix was more of the Tangy Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Spicy Sausage Dip, Chicken Salad and seasoned taco meat for the Taco Bar supper.  Everyone had a blast and boy, did we eat good!

Ok, one event down, one big event to come next week. This is going to be one that will require a lot of planning.

For the fourth year in a row, I've accepted the challenge of providing the managers of my husband's company food during their "Strategic Planning Meeting."  For this annual meeting the company flies in an industry facilitator who helps them see where things are headed and what the company should do, etc., etc.

When my husband asked if I'd be interested in cooking the meals so they wouldn't have to worry with food and could relax and socialize after meeting for long stretches I thought, "this could be a really fun challenge!" So I accepted.  And it's been fun.  And it's been a challenge. And I've been scared every year that I'll disappoint someone or cook something someone won't like.

My "to-do" is being revised from last year's and isn't completed but it's evolving and growing long! I hope to be able to share some pictures from next week, but until then, I'd like to share a card I made for OWH. (blogs are boring without pictures!)

Thanks for taking a moment to play along.  I'll keep you posted on what's cookin'...


deliciousness & adventure!

So I assembled my lab rats for family night dinner on Saturday for a new recipe, Tangy Pulled Pork. This really was very yummy and so simple to make.  I offered the option of making sandwiches or as is on the plate and served it with baked beans, slaw and corn. I confess that cheated with the baked beans and used a can of Bush's I had in the pantry.  But this meal was all about the pulled pork and not the sides!

The pork was such a success that I've decided to make it again this Friday and take it to my local scrapbook store for lunch with my friends. "National Scrapbook Day" is on Saturday and we're kicking off the festivities Friday to celebrate. (I know, there's a "national day" for everything under the sun. But it's all fun.)

What I failed to do on family night was take pictures!  Taking pictures of food can be very difficult.  It probably would have turned out looking like dog food then you would all be leery of trying this recipe and I certainly don't want that to happen!

But I do have some pictures to share of my annual sis-in-law trip this year.  As posted earlier, we went to the Outer Banks.  Neither of us had ever been and even though it was technically the "off season," we had a blast.

We started in Manteo, NC and stayed there for 3 days.  I think we were there for almost 2 days before we realized we'd been looking at our first lighthouse of the trip.  But this is not what I think of when I think "lighthouse!"

With Manteo being "base" for a couple of days we ventured North one day to Corrola, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and even found a scrapbook store!  The Currituck Lighthouse in Corrola was beautiful.

After leaving the lighthouse, we headed even further North in search of wild horses.  No luck on the horses.  What we did find, however, is the end of Hwy 12... end of the road so to speak.  Hwy 12 continues, but you'd need a 4-wheel drive because it's on the beach! 

Of course we visited the Wright Brothers Memorial which was fascinating.  Although the presentation given by the park official did almost put me to sleep.

When we left Manteo we headed South to Hatteras and on our way stopped to see the Bodie Lighthouse.  What we learned is that it's pronounced "Body" Lighthouse. Or perhaps it was the locals messing with us so we'd look like idiots when we post things like this on our blog! This lighthouse is currently under a total renovation, but I thought it still looked really cool.

From the Bodie Lighthouse to the Hatteras Lighthouse wasn't that far but there's a lot of flat land in between.  With the Hatteras Lighthouse being one of the most famous, we were looking forward to getting to see inside it... it was closed for the season and would reopen 2 days after we were there!  Just seeing the outside, however, was pretty cool.

We also went to the actual sight where the lighthouse use to stand before it was moved to help protect it from the elements.

After a day of sightseeing and a 45 minute ferry ride followed by another hour drive we reached Ocracoke where we'd spend 2 nights.  Neither of us realized that the Ocracoke Lighthouse wasn't a National Park yet as it is the oldest operating lighthouse in NC.  So, we couldn't go inside this lighthouse either.  It's a good darn thing we went into the Currituck lighthouse (even if it was just the base)!

The Ocracoke Lighthouse wasn't very pretty either.  But, it was a lighthouse that I can say I've seen now.  We had a ton of fun exploring Ocracoke Island, especially after we rented the golf cart for a couple of hours.

From Ocracoke we took another ferry to Beaufort, NC where we spent the night before heading home.  We had great weather and a great trip overall. This was also by far the cheapest annual sis-in-law trip we've ever taken.  And, it's the first time we've ever driven to a destination! (pretty sure the whole driving thing won't become routine)

Thanks for taking time to read about my adventures in cooking and traveling!  I will soon be posting more photos here if you're interested. I'm still working on getting them uploaded, labeled and put captions with them so it may be a couple more days.

For now, I'm off to help organize a National Scrapbook extravaganza...


don't get discouraged

I really am going to post something on this blog one day. In the near future. I promise!

I've been so busy since returning from the Outer Banks last weekend that I've had very little time to go through 400 pictures and sort out the bad from the good. I'm almost done and will be posting a little about that trip.

Going to try a couple of new recipes out on the family tonight.  I love having eager guinea pigs near by!  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  I'm off to the grocery...



David went to the river on Friday to do some fishing.  I will head up on Monday, but this means he'll be on his own for his meals until then.  Something tells me he won't go hungry!  He went to the grocery and said that all the prepackaged steaks were extremely thin and generally didn't look like they'd be good.  So he asked the butcher to cut him a steak about an inch thick. Wow! Does this butcher eyeball generously or what? Net weight before cooking was 2.3 pounds! Just so you know, David didn't eat it all at one sitting.

Meanwhile back home, I had an early Easter dinner for family night on Saturday.  We had ham, wild rice, blackeye peas, roasted butternut squash and cucumber salad.  I didn't take pictures of my dinner. It wasn't visually as impressive as the T-bone David cooked! I fixed way too much but that turned out to be a good thing.  My grandparents have just moved so I sent all the extra food to their house.

I went with the sis-in-law and another couple to see "Jersey Boys" Sunday at the theatre.  The four of us have season tickets this year and have thoroughly enjoyed the performances and the dinners afterward.  I'm looking forward to seeing "Wicked" and "Mary Poppins" which will round out our season.

My other sis-in-law and nephew from Kentucky will be meeting David and me at the Gorilla on Monday for the nephew's Spring break.  The weather is predicted to be perfect!  This will be their first time visiting the house.  I'm looking forward to spending the time with them.  Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures! 

That's all for now.  Thanks for taking a few minutes to catch up.  Have a great day, everyday!